ETP Copper Sheet

Ahuja Metal Industries is the prime ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) Copper Sheet manufacturer in India.

Our organization is known for delivering superior quality ETP copper sheets, also known as EC Grade Copper which are used for several high quality industrial applications.

Commonly, Pure Copper has adequate malleability and softness, which make it suitable for matching a number of requirements.

But various components require not only Copper purity but High Conductivity as well; this is where ETP Copper is useful.

Ahuja Metal Industries specializes in manufacturing of high quality ETP Copper sheets with Electrical Conductivity from 97 % to 101 % I.AC.S. In general, these metal sheets are used in Electrical, Electronics and Communication sectors.

Since they have excellent mechanical properties including electrical conductivity, good tensile strength and bending ability they are used in various important electrical components.

Their unsurpassable quality and performance make them suitable for a variety of applications the list is too long. Some common uses in the industry are including electrical, antimicrobial, telecommunication, and architectural for the respective application such as making busbar, motor, transformer, switches and washers etc.

Leader exporter of the competitive industry, we believe in quality. Using the best-class raw material, we design our sheets using technologically advanced machinery under our ultra-modern manufacturing infrastructure. Collecting the clients’ specifications and industrial requirements our adroit professional structures the ETP Copper Sheets with outstanding features that serve several benefits.

Due to their versatile features, Ahuja Metal’s ETP Copper Sheets are exclusively demanded in the industry.  Furthermore, they are available with us in varied dimensions and sizes which is right to fit various industrial requirements. Depending on customers’ end use, Ahuja Metal commits to delivering the right materials at the earliest and binding our clients’ chain increase.

Size and Thickness





ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch).

DHP (Deoxidized High Phosphorous Copper).

Cu 99%, Cu 97%, Cu 94%, Cu91%.

*Any other composition as per order can also be manufactured.


Thickness- 0.10 mm to 8 .00 mm.

Width- 1 Inch to 60 Inch (50 mm to 1525 mm).

Length- 1 inch to 110 inches (50 mm to 2800 mm).

Physical Properties-

Annealed (Soft), LHA, Quarter Hard (QH), Half Hard (HH), Full Hard (FH) and Spring Hard (SH).