Industrial Grade Brass Sheet

AHUJA METAL INDUSTRIES is a leading manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and exporter of top-quality Industrial Grade Brass sheets for all types of handicrafts and industrial use. With over decades of experience, we have carved a niche in the industry and offer sheets that have a superior finish appearance and can be used in various applications.  Our sheets are widely used by electrical and automotive spare parts manufacturing units.

For extra deep drawing, optimum bending and better tensile strength we use modern technologies and tools. So, these brass sheets offer best results alongwith bright and clear surface finish.

Features and Benefits

The industrial grade brass sheets manufactured and supplied by AHUJA METAL INDUSTRIES come with diverse features and benefits. They offer features like excellent welding properties, super durability, dent resistance, high tensile strength, superior bending, sturdy construction, unmatched performance, and long working life.


At AHUJA METAL INDUSTRIES, you can avail of Industrial Grade Brass Sheet with different specifications like soft finish, quarter hard finish, half hard finish, full hard finish, and extra hard finish. Sheets are available in different dimensions, sizes, thicknesses, and shapes as well to meet the varied needs of customers. Due to modern machines in place, we can offer customized products as per your specific requirements. Thus, these products are ideal for many commercial and industrial applications.

Industry Sectors

Some industry sectors where our brass sheets can be used include Electrical, Electronics, Construction, Utensils , Handicrafts, Sanitary, Automobile, Medical, Power, Telecommunication, Marine. In addition, brass sheets are also used for making lamps, flatware, handrails, kick plates, planters, doorknobs, decorative parts, Lighting switch plates, and many other industrial sectors.

Quality Assurance

AHUJA METAL INDUSTRIES gives 100% quality assurance of its products. The quality inspection department checks every product with proper attention and makes sure no defect is found. The quality control teams are empowered with advanced machines. They work right from procuring raw materials to ensuring a constant inflow of top-quality raw materials.

In addition, we have established highly sophisticated manufacturing unit and a team of highly qualified, experienced, and motivated staff to cater to the client’s ever-growing quality and service expectations. What else? We ensure a smooth supply chain with a large distribution network.


*Any other composition as per order can also be manufactured.


Thickness- 0.10 mm to 8 .00 mm.

Width- 1 Inch to 60 Inch (50 mm to 1525 mm).

Length- 1 inch to 110 inches (50 mm to 2800 mm).

Physical Properties-

Annealed (Soft), LHA, Quarter Hard (QH), Half Hard (HH), Full Hard (FH) and Spring Hard (SH).






CuZn15 (85:15), CuZn30 (70:30) , CuZn35 (65:35), CuZn37 (63:37), CuZn40 (60:40).